chudeligans outing to hollenbeck lake park

monday, 10 may 2021, 17:36

hollenbeck lake park on a bench

im really fascinated with this idea of an outdoor skate / art community. i want jet set radio vibes. fusion frenzy vibes. 2001 original xbox vibes.

i want a place that everyone wants to come to do their shit for the day. i want community. i want an art comminity of young people.

today we went scouting. the way i see it there needs to be three things: wide open flat ground for skating, seating area interspersed or around the side, and no cops / security that would kick us out.

we started at weller court, and that didnt quite have the right vibe. also we have been kicked out before. grand park was dope, but got kicked out. so nope there lol. were now at hollenback lake park and its pretty cool, but a little out of the way maybe.

i think the hardest thing is trying to find a place i know people will want to come and hang. a place that people living in noho and weho and santa monica and downtown and silverlake — every la neighborhood we hve friends in — will want to come to. i guess we will just have to lead by example and keep hanging out and doing dope things and hopefully people will want to come and hang out and also do dope things.

what i did with my day

i guess lets start with ootd? thats a relic from 2014...

wilson sitting on the couch longingly looking at the wall wilson taking a mirror selfie. tongue out peace sign. painting on the wall next to the mirror which is actually three small square mirrors tacked onto the wall

i started my day skating in this cool warehouse place. heres a tiktok about it. i also drank tf out of a matcha tea. im really into matcha tea right now.

the tiktok embed looks so bad im gonna use a twitter embed which isnt much better my apologies

then pey and i headed to little tokyo to scout out weller court as a place for chudligan hangs — it was underwhelming as a community center, but there was dope art:

just some cool art we found in little tokyo an image of a sign that says 'protect our elders'

then we went to grand park. which is completely fire and dope and i didnt get any photos or videos what a shame. but i did re record the vocals for a song Barren Gates and I are working on (with my iphone in a noisy park!!! you would be surprised how effective the tools in our pocket are for final product stuff!)

then we got kicked out because the world hates skateboarders for some reason.

after that we linked up with gavin and went to hollenbeck lake park. it was super fun. here’s a video of colton doing something kind of dangerous but honestly it was cool and then also i almost hit him in the face with a camera.

and then heres some staged and not staged photos from that outing:

gavins face up close with the glasses and pink hair pretty colton preppin for the trick super dope fisheye photo of the three amigos gavin peyton and colton gav in full bird perch mode pey gav and colton standing in a brick gazebo thing for my posed photo pey gav and colton standing in a brick gazebo thing for my posed photo

okie doke! thanks for tuning in! :)