making things is pretty cool when you don't worry about a product

tuesday june 15 19:20

desk @ dtla apartment

im not even gonna lie to you, im pretty sure i dont know who i am. but i think thats a good thing actually. i think that means that every day im opening up more and more to the idea that i cant possibly have this shit figured out. that i cant possibly have gotten it right on the first try and that every action, every thought, every choice is an experiment to bring me closer to what i consider to be optimal humanness.

i know that drinking pepsi and eating sour patch kids is probably not in my best human interest, but damnit right now that sounded hella good.

i think i wanna get away from companies as much as i can. in a certain sense, true freedom would be to never post about my music or art ever again unless it was on my website. but i think i had it right initially about the utilizing platforms for their intended purpose as a means of categorizing thoughts into their appropriate media bins and then spewing that onto the internet.

blockit has been a huge help, and i think it can continue to be. but im gonna have to finally find a way to let instagram go. im not quite sure how i am going to do it but im gonna have to. stories are over? i guess that might have to be the case ngl

how can i get away from the fact tho that instagram seems to be everyones life portfolio?

maybe im gonna have to download the app again and do that whole muting shit. its annoying as hell but i will say it did yeild pretty decent results. although tbh its not so much the muting that works as much as its the removal of the app. but of course instagram knows this which is why they keep story and disapearing messages functionality locked into the app only experience.

tuesday june 15 21:40

desk @ dtla apartment

i made some stuff, and my stomach hurts from the pepsi and sourpatch lol

i made this first, because i realized that i could download the glitche app on my mac now because of the apple m1 processor. pretty sick. shoutout colton and my first los angeles punk show.

a picture of colton glitched out at a punk show on the ground pulling his laptop out of his bag.

then i started playing around with this scanning app on my phone cause i was trying to see whether or not i should delete it #digitalminimalism #thisisoneofthosecaseswhereyouarebeingironic #butyouactuallyareseriousovertimelol. anyway i scanned my face and my hand and found out i didnt need the pro version to be able to export .usdz files which is pretty frickin sick (thats the file format that apple motion uses so i was like TIGHT I CAN SCAN THINGS INTO MY VISUALS) but i didnt end up doing that instead i selected both usdz files to move them into motion and i caught a glimpse of the preview side panel and i thought it looked so sick so i took a screen shot of it.

holographic face overlayed with holographic hand

after i did that i thought it was really cool that that had happened and i was also listening to namasenda on the pc music youtube channel and i was like damn dude this shit is kind of honestly a vibe so i took a screen shot and then posted about it on the internet.

screenshot of me listening to pc music and editing the holographic hand face thingy in affinity photo.

here is the video i was watching:

and here is the tweet i made where i meta analyze myself as i am doing things:

moving on i took that scan of my face and placed it as an ar object* on my desk and thought it would look kinda weird if i gave myself the thinker pose but like my head was disconnected from my body idk but anyway i put my fingers on my chin and then i screenshotted because like woahhhh idk why but i get mad futuristic bioshock vibes from this or something. hologram shit. i then proceeded to fuck with that image in glitche again and then i took the whole thing into motion where i added some animation and added the audio of the song i was listening to at the time.

holographic face on a desk with a hand reaching out and holding the face while metal music plays

and here is the song in the video:

alright sick. thanks for tuning in. didnt expect to do an entry today but im glad i did. ttyl future wil!

oh one last thing. shoutout to the person in this video because i needed to quickly learn how to use page anchors when i was building this blogpost. aight. peace!

*augmented reality object // putting this note here for myself in case ar becomes irrelevant in 20 years