i think creators are cool

thursday, jan 13 2022, 15:29

couch bed @ long beach airbnb studio

i dont really have much to say right now other than i rediscovered savannah brown on YouTube and i think its really cool that creators continue to create things that i find randomly by just dicking around on YouTube and then i remember that this was a thing that i saw or listened to or liked before and that it can also have a profound impact on me again later in life when i absolutely wasn't looking for it nor did i remember it.

i think its really amazing that humans continue to make and do things. i want to make sure thats part of my living. :)

thursday, jan 13 2022, 15:39

couch bed @ long beach airbnb studio

additional edit actually ten minutes after posting this lol:

i just realized i have been making things and doing things. i want to do more (always a bit) but i just released a song so that was cool

guesst · not coming back, not far enough

im grateful the world continues to inspire me to make things and do things


i had this happen to me yesterday and i want to share it in this post haha

a screen shot of a TextEdit document with the following text: for most of my life, when i see the number 11:11 my family and i have all exclaimed 'make a wish!' for most of my life, whenever i would see 11:11 i would wish for wealth or happiness or success or fame.today i saw 11:11 and tried to think of a wish, and didn't have one. today i have everything i need