i watched a really long YouTube video

there are things that are profitable that are not valuable, and there are things that are valuable that are not profitable.

these things are valuable if that wasn't clear.

heres the video if ur curious:

u know tbh the only reason why i use any other platform as opposed to building my own like i am doing here is that it is convenient. its not even really about the audience tbh. cause like an audience is kind of fickle wherever you create it -- why would i want to add the additional shittyness of having to rely on a platforms continued success for my continued success? i feel like the optimal way to do anything is to build it yourself and utilize free tools as long as they are not inherently exploitative.

here are two photos that caught my attention enough to post about them

a reference photo i took when i was buying a lens. i drove to west covina to buy a fuji xf 18-55.

the hood of a car, a gas station sign that says help your engine run like new. a one way street sign in the bottom left corner of the image.

a selfie when i first got home and was testing out the 18mm focal length.

selfie of wilson. staircase in the background.