i found a new artist while looking for my own song lol

i have been meaning to write this entry for like a week and a half now, but it kept getting harder and harder to do because i wanted to do it justice but i kept second guessing myself.

not that this is a particularly unique pattern for me, but nonetheless, this is me trying to push through that feeling and just starting even if its weird at first.

okay i guess story time. i was hanging out in jacques' beautiful dtla apartment showing him a bunch of my music and trying to convince him to be my manager, and i wanted to show him my most recent track called "body image".

shoutout Spotify for this, but when i searched for my track, this artist bodyimage came up.

i didnt really think of it then, but ngl they had done a hella good job of making their profile look super dope and professional and rad which is probably why i saved a song to listen to later and continued on w my day.

i don't really remember how much time passed before i listened to bodyimage, but i do know that i basically just started shuffling their catalog in my car and it was so fucking good. at first i was kinda just like "ok rad! dope new artist!" but very quickly i was thinking to myself "holy shit im pretty sure i just discovered modern imogen heap" i was trying to go on a walk so i clicked on the nearest green blotch on the map. when i arrived there, i had just started to listen to their 2019 album "Active Lovers"

as i pulled up to the green blotch, it became very clear that it was a cemetary. not only that but the LA weather had taken a break for a couple of days last week and had blessed us with some clouds and rain and foggy london vibes.

idk how im gonna emphasize this, so im just gonna say "dramatic pause"

when i fuckin say how deeply personal and ethereal this walk was.... iderk how to explain it but i guess im gonna try.

i suppose some important context here is that i had recently watched this struthless video (this one probably) and he said something to the effect of "make something BIG! making an album or a gallery or a movie has a much better chance of converting a fan for a lifetime instead of the day".

obviously this is kind of markety advice w conversion speak and whatnot, but i thought it was still really valuable insight. when i think about all of the artists that i have truly fallen in love with over the years (see linkin park, aries) it has almost always been the case that i consume ALL of the work they have available in sequence. its far less about the catchy single, and far more about the concept album that makes me love an artist.

i guess all i really want to say about this walk is that i was so grateful that bodyimage had spent the time to curate their artistry in these beautifully crafted packages. that they had spent the time to encapsulate their artistry in a meaningful way that seemed free of the pressures of capitalistic growth and attention seeking social media battle tactics.

to be fair, i suppose i haven't really spent any time on bodyimage's socials, but i guess it was just refreshing to see an album that flowed so artfully between one track and the next with each song defying instant gratification in favor of begging you to pay attention, and when you did so, rewarding you with a deeper immersion in the artform.

the album is not necessarily my favorite of their work to bump consistently any more largely because their 2020 and 2021 singles are such fucking bangers, but i think "Active Lovers" is still one of the most impressive works in their catalog.

im gonna post this on twitter and tag them. i don't necessarily expect them to read it, but in the event they do, and also for every other person that reads this, i think i just want people to know how inspired this artist was able to help me become simply by being authentic and putting themself out there unapologetically. so thank you. your inspiration has echoed in my life for at least a week and im sure it will last longer as your catalog remains in rotation on my Spotify.

here is a Spotify link to the album:

and here is a link to probably my fav song by them right now:

i think thats all i got! peace.