fytch makes great music

u know its kinda sad. i started these blog posts as a way to kind of escape the "posty" nature of social media sites, but now i find myself feeling pressure to post these as well. consistency is so weird, because on the one hand i think it is the primary vehicle by which we can improve at things, but simeltanously (and tbh this is probably just a capitalism problem), it is also the pressure of maintaining consistency that paralyzes me from doing anything at all.

that thought was on the front of my brain but its not actually what inspired me to open atom.io just now.

i am currently deep diving my friend Fytch's music project. yall i cannot even begin to describe how much of an inspiration station this human being is. tbh when i started writing this i was just gonna talk about how grate this one song "By Now" is, but i went to go find his website link to link to this article and i ended up just spending the last hour listening to music watching videos / livestreams / digging through his website and im just floored.

"By Now" v v v worth listening to while u read this if u want.

the entire apogee ep continiues to bring me such fullness. i actually kind of already described it in this tweet.

anyway tbh, im kinda running out of gas. fytch, i just want you to know how absolutely special ur music project is. the way you continue to share yourself with the world in not only your music, but also with your visual brand is just honestly remarkable and i am so grateful to continue to learn from you.

i'm gonna round this out by just posting a bunch of my favorite fytch tracks.


one of my all time favs. particularly love how beautifully this track can blend with mumbai power by skrillex when djing.

change me

rediscovered this one recently. it has grown on me more and more and i think the interesting reese style drop here has become one of my favorite. although i will say the original reason i loved this song so much was the vocal performance by Naika and the completely fucking stellar percussive guitar / sound design in the verse section.


i remember when i first heard this track before it released in my cavelike dtla apartment. i was completely floored at how HUGE and impactful the drop synth was. i still get chills when listening to this one in my car going 80 on the 110 back into dtla.

burned (feat. pauline herr)

this was the first time i had ever heard pauline herr, and im so grateful to have discovered her entire catalog. but tbh the reason this song has always been so important to me was that from a mix perspective it was one of the warmest and least bright heavy electronic tracks i had heard at the time. this was such an important reminder to me at the time that if ur mix didn't sound like virtual riot, that was okay. in fact it made you stand out and be more impactful in other ways. for ex., whenever i dj this track, it blows the bass in every other track away because of how thick and strong it sounds.


tbh i dont really have anything to say about this track except that i have played it in nearly every single dj set i have played. that should tell you how beautiful i think it is.

there are so many more but i think i am done writing for today. thanks for reading and i hope u believe in yourself and tell someone whos art you like that you like it and why. ok bye.