it's the apocalypse in america, but thats nothing new

roe vs wade got overturned yesterday. measures actively harming black, brown, indegionous, queer, women and trans people are running rampant. its kinda hard to stay up right now. im making this right now to remind myself that good times can happen with good people, even when the world is crashing down around us. even when nobody knows how to fix the problems we are faced with. even when we make mistakes and hurt the ones we love, we can still move forward. we can still love. we can still exist in protest.

johann, colt and i after one of the hardest bike rides i have done. it was about 23 miles. thats not particularly impressive, i know, but it felt good to move my body like that. to push myself like that. im so grateful to johann and q (not pictured) for inspiring colt and i to take on this feat.

from left to right: wilson holding a lens cap in their mouth, colton with arms in superman pose but at an akward angle, johann laughing looking at colton and wilson

johann organized a river cleanup while i stayed with him. it was so cool to excercise my body towards taking care of my environment. we picked up so much trash. there was so much more unfortunately, but i guess this was just a great reminder that every little bit helps. thank you johann. also the coffee and donuts were suprisingly lit, shoutout the east coast starbucks.

wilson in a grey coat drinking dunkin donuts coffee

while i stayed w johann we spent a lot of time listening to and talking about drum and bass and djing techniques and styles. i had a moment where i was sitting on his couch just feeling so grateful for all the people in my life who excite me and teach me things. this was that moment.

wilsons computer on johanns couch, rekordbox dj software on the screen

heres a pic of q staring out across the park after that ride we all did. :) q is so kind and hella intelligent, an excellent conversation partner.

q posing and looking out on the land after a long bikeride

this is the view from my plane wing. tbh idk which flight this was, but im pretty sure it was from philly to pittsburgh.

plane wing looking out across the clouds

we didn't just go on one bike ride while i was in philly, we went on MANY. heres a clip from another one of them right after johann biffed it pretty hard on these weirdl little seed things. nothin like a little dancing to get us back up, eh colt?.

from left to right: colton mid dance move wearing a tie dye shirt, johann wearing a blue shirt with dadlike sunglasses on and holding a red bicycle

here is colton looking cool as fuck, nothing else is new. i love this view of johann's house too. i love the piano and the window and couch where we would hang out. this hearth truly felt like home.

colton upclose in johanns living room with a wide angle lens wearing a thrasher magazine shirt

this was the first day after i got to philly! it was so good to reconnect w colton after so much time away. i loved cruising the city on our skateboards an checking out the world famous philly cheesesteak spots. genos was not particularly vegan (or vegitarian) friendly, but it was a cool experience for sure.

colton eating a philly cheesesteak whiz at genos next to a graffitid van in genos all orange outside eating area

some of my favorite moments in philly were just driving around with colton and johann listening to johann's drum and bass mixes. i loved the feeling of needing to shazam every single song because of how much each song filled up my soul and made me want to dance.

the back of johann and coltons heads in a car driving around listening to drum and bass

this is a photo of me getting my extended supply of medications before i left for multiple months. tbh, this photo makes me nervous. i was unable to convince insurance to cover 5 months of medications, and with the supreme courts continued terrifying decisions, i feel intense worry that i will not have access to my gender affirming care. protect trans people, but especially poor bipoc trans people.

wilson in the los angeles lgbt center in west hollywood right before taking off on the next leg of the journey.

im grateful today that i can sit in this brooklyn coffee shop surrounded by people who accept me as i am, and recognize my personhood. i am grateful to have friends who will support and protect me. i am grateful for my body which can march for peoples freedoms. i am grateful for drum and bass. i am grateful for music. i am grateful for my coding knowledge. i am grateful for existing.

see you next time,