in a studio hanging w new friends while i make an article about an old friend.

thur, jun 30 2022, noonish

studio 22 @ pirate studios in gowanus (6 st)

i guess first off, i love alter.

getting in the groove of my new life in ny has been tough. i have definitely experienced a lot of moments of aloneness -- i have been missing the community i have built for myself in cali.

but alter.... this mf hits me up and is just like "yo do you want to link up w my friend in nyc" and now im sitting in the studio writing this article feeling in community with people i've known for less than 4 hours.

feeling grateful.

here are some photos i took when i was visitng perhaps my oldest friend in pittsburgh.

mon, jul 04 2022, 21:04

studio 14 @ pirate studios in queens (decaur st)

oh hey! im back again at another pirate! didn't finish coding this the last time i was working on it because i wanted to be in the moment with purple hive, but now im just chillin being a recording engineer for my sibling so i'm gonna code while they're recording.

pretty much all i gotta do is write descriptions for these images so lets get started!!

here's julian sitting in front of his battle station in his cute ass apartment in pittsburgh.

julian sitting in front of a computer and speakers

julians guitars sitting on a guitar rack next to his desk. julian made (with like, his hands!!) that first guitar on the left. the pink one next to it is his partner mads' (mads is a PHENOMENAL photographer)

guitars on a guitar rack next to a wall. from left to right, a brown fender stratacaster, a pink fender stratacaster, a black ibanez acoustic guitar, an orange classical acoustic guitar.

speaking of mads work, check this image on the left is a collage she made from a shoot we did when we went spray painting at color park in pitts!

the one on the right is just julian bein a cutey. i took this picture because i thought it said "LA Bodega" and i

im so grateful that julian showed me the game kink spray. it got us on a whole spray painting things tip and then we went out to color park and i got to actually spray paint in the wild! such a cool experience.

as u can see i was really trying to get a good piece with my guesst logo lmao. also loved painting "YO" on my skateboard.

the butterfly was the first thing i ever attempted!

check out this cool little skelly character guy that julian and ben made!

me w ben and julian's mom, tracy. it was such a blessing to see their parents 🥺 to the right is also a sick polaroid of julian and i just chillin atop one of the sick concrete structures at color park.

julian got me into climbing while i was in pittsburgh! i have kept it up since i left and climb regularly at vital here in brooklyn

this pittsburgh trip was among the most spiritually healing i have ever had in my life. i felt so free to be myself and i learned so much and moved so much and saw so much. im just unendingly grateful for julian and mads' hospitality and the siblinghood i feel w julain and ben. until next time friends :)

ok! thats all i got for this post! thanks for tuning in.