no socials

2023.11.09 || 11:01 @ airbnb in la condesa, cdmx

i deleted my instagram yesterday. not like a deactivation, like a full blown deletion.

tbh the writing has been on the wall for years at this point.

i legit wrote an entire album about how internet presentation made me feel sick. when i was doing the biproducts more frequently, i really had a sense of accomplishment. i hope this new version of biproducts can give me the same "life cataloging" benefits of instagram without any of the insane body image issues and comparative garbage.

i dont have much to write today, so im gonna sign off quickly here, but im gonna go find a photo of me first.

this is a selfie i took in the mirror of the airbnb im staying in in la condesa, cdmx right now. i was kinda feeling myself which is always a good feeling.

this is the view from the roof of the place we are staying. so gorgoues. very grateful to be able to experience this and get deep into the roots of my feelings in such a beautiful place.

also this is the playlist of music i was listning to while making this:

thats it for now. take care of yourself and your mental health and make sure to eat some oatmeal and listen to an album all the way through.