internet crawling in my post meta era

2023.11.11 || 21:31 @ airbnb in la condesa, cdmx

dude im ngl im kinda stoked.

so i dont have insta to fill my time anymore, and i am conciously working to not substitute it with youtube. so what am i doing online? dude im fuckin surfing.

its so cool i feel like this is the feeling i have been chasing for a long ass time now. whenever i think conceptually about the internet it seems so fucking cool -- this massive node group where each node is an idea and an expression of data which is an expression of people and idk it just feels awesome!

instagram always felt so homogeonous to me and it incentivized me to be homogoenous as well! it incentivized me to focus on being hot or being cool, and if i strived for either of them i ended up feeling hollow (with the small exception of my little dopamine treats when ppl would comment or like my shit).

but dude, today? this evening? i fuckin just crawled the internet. i don't even know how i got from a to b but i found some interesting ass shit.

like theres this project(?) called Do Not Research and i just dug around and read some of the entries. super cool shit i love it when people publish in interesting ways on the internet. it feels so much freer than posting in this highly restricted format of insta or twitter or youtube or whatever the fuck where the parameters of how u can express are locked.

i also stumbled across this magazine by a chicago radio station and read this article in it (Streaming the Mean - Theo Becli, page 5) about spotify and algorithmic music discovery.

i thought it was a largely pretty good take, but i would probably go one step more optimistic with it (a "yes and" approach if u will) and say that algorithmic music discovery isn't bad, its just one way that i can discover new things. still highly agree that music discovery through people and artistic curation tends to resonate really strongly, but i also have found some of my favorite artists through the spotify algorithm AND I THINK this is because of its "cultural awareness." what i mean by this is that like my music is associated with dj re:code because we are friends and have toured together, but not necessarily because we sound similar.

anyway heres a picture of me at this very moment.