new logo! familiar lessons

19 feb 2024 || 11:40pm @ apt in bucktown, chicago


its been a week. been djing a lot, im in a band now (more info when we're prepared to drop), working on a bunch of music collaborations, outsourced some help on show visuals, finally building a website for (under construction as of writing this). all stuff that i am really excited to work on, but im def feeling a bit stressed to get it all done.

i will say the good thing abt stress is that i feel like i am a pretty capable person so when shit starts going wild, i feel maybe a bit chaotic, but ultimately i always pull through and i have a fucking fantastic community that i can lean on to get stuff done too. thats a real blessing, to have ppl who you can share the load with.

one really awesome side effect of all these things im working on is i took the time to really look at my logo and refine it a bit. heres what i came up with:

guesst logo

rn i cant figure out a way to make that any smaller so sorry if it takes up your whole screen.

one thing i kept worrying about during the process of making this was that i was gonna make the wrong decision and be "stuck" with my current logo. oh word, like how i am "stuck" with my current logo? crazy because i just replaced it on my website and now im not stuck. wild how that works.

snark aside, just want to put a reminder here for myself and for everyone else who reads this that art has no rules. branding has rules, but i want my branding to be art... which has no rules. so by proxy, branding has no rules. fuck yeah. lawyered.

speaking of the "process" of making this thing, check out all the different variations of this fuckin thing i made:

a screenshot of wilsons desktop. featured prominently is the design software 'affinity designer' with a document full of a bunch of iterations of the guesst logo.

and yes i absolutely studied skrillexs logos to figure out what i like in a logo, its important to take inspiration from things u like! one of of my fav quotes i came across recently is "copy your idols: you arent good enough at copying to make it the same, and so you will accidentally make something original in the process."

i think thats all for now. listening to this song rn:

Liquicity Records ยท Andromedik & Lexurus - Adrenaline feat. Nu-La

bye! -wilson